• Reservations can be made both by phone and online. The reservation will be confirmed by an e-mail containing all the information related to it. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please contact us by phone at 0722 240 561 or by e-mail at now@escapemyroom.ro.

To cancel or change the reservation, participants must contact the EscapeMyRoom team by phone or e-mail at least 2 hours before booking.

• Teams of 2 to 6 people can participate in the game. Minors under 14 can only participate in the presence of an adult. The teams will arrive at the date and time of the reservation. Participants will be given a brief presentation about the game and the rules of conduct inside the room. In case of non-compliance with these rules, the organizers reserve the right to interrupt the game without reimbursing its value.

• Access to gambling is not permitted under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. In these cases, the organizers reserve the right to cancel or interrupt the game immediately without reimbursing its value. Also, access with alcoholic or narcotic drinks inside the escapemyroom is not allowed. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the EscapeMyRoom.

• Participants understand and accept that during the game, the door of the room they will be in will be locked. It will open only by solving the camera or at the end of the 60 minutes of play. In exceptional situations caused by health or safety issues of the participants, the organizers will urgently open the door.